Diplomate, American Board of Endodontics

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Dental Professionals

American Association of Endodontists: Treatment Options Guide:

**An endodontic treatment options guide, displaying the possibilities of maintaining teeth and associated explanations of the prognosis given various factors.

Trauma Guidelines: Links to latest dental trauma guidelines:

1. Fractures and Luxations of Permanent Teeth: Detailed guidelines

2. Avulsed Permanent Teeth: Detailed guidelines

3. American Association of Endodontists: 2014 Trauma guidelines

4. Interactive dental trauma guidelines website: Dr. Jens Andreasen

Colleagues for Excellence:
American Association of Endodontists:

1. Antibiotics Prophylaxis:

2. Antibiotics for endodontic infections:

3. Cone Beam Computed Tomagraphy:

4. Contemporary Microsurgery: Apicoectomy Procedure:

5. Endodontic Diagnosis:

6. Endodontic Irrigants:

7.  Bisphosphonate Associated Osteonecrosis of the Jaw:

Glossary of Endodontic Terms: Latest edition:

Endodontic Topics: Published Articles

Calcium Hydroxide Medicament articles:

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